Saturday, March 7, 2009

Web 2.0 Technologies blog

I have learned several new modes of communication already this semester. Thinking email and searching the net was great, I did not know any other ways of communication using technology. While my school district is limited on funds for a variety of reasons, and several families in my district do not have access to the uses of technology, this does not give any school district an excuse for not empowering the influence of the internet properly. These students who do not have resources at home to gain strength using technology may successfully tap the potential of the web at public areas such as the library or school. We as educators, though not publicly sworn to uphold and strengthen mental abilities, must commit to the task at hand and improve, endow and uphold every student's potential.

Having a class blog would be beneficial and fun for my class. We can post announcements and student successes. It will help increase the desire for learning more about technology. I will probably be the student who learns the most. I believe my principal will be in awe compared to my other attempts.

I am still working on my math wiki. I hope it will help students and parents who want to learn tips to improve their skills. I am thankful for the daily help received to make the wiki. Without the assistance, it probably wouldn't happen. You can view it at

While the web site is great with organizing information and providing a plethora of sites for every taste, I have not been able to view it as much this week due to other engagemetns consuming much of my time. Being well aware that I have only scratched the surface of the technology soil and a great tilling is due, my "technology garden" will hopefully grow a lot expecially after weeding and de-bugging.

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