Sunday, April 19, 2009

Integration and Engagement Using Technology

Many of today’s schools are zapped for finances with rising costs of fuel, salaries, supplies and the need for more building space due to an increase in population. With this in mind, teachers sometimes have to be inventive with supplies on hand. When administrators see the initial drive and intuition the teacher has, finances for necessities may appear. When we use our surroundings to teach basic skills, more in-depth learning can be rooted and grow for productivity.
Using the free technological gadgets and applications can help catch inquisitive minds, thus broadening skills as students and adults are empowered by new skills. Blogging can merely make our world smaller by being able to communicate with others thousands or just a few miles away. Blogging, being free is one of the keys to breaking barriers of interaction between others. We are able to share cultural similarities and differences. Oh, what a tasty way, Del.i.cious is allowed to bring a glut of information into our world. I could play and surf with these tools and totally lose track of time if allowed.
Every school year brings a new crop of students with a variety of needs. Some are severely lacking in critical thinking, possibly due to home/personal situations. While every child can learn, some learn faster than others and critical thinking seems to reach further for those with more quality experiences. We take these students where they are and attempt to integrate new skills in preparation for the future. Better communication is a key element, by way of talking one to another, in written form, or using effective technological skills.
Being very right-brained, great effort will move this mountain(me) to new heights and level the stumbling blocks for better traveling on the world wide web and using proper tools in excavation of the mines and crevices loaded with untapped energy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Overcoming Technology fears

When making a power point, my worst fears are that I won’t be able to find the needed icon or tab to click on at the appropriate time especially if I’m in a rush to make it or show it. While still learning many new options about the computer and that every version is better than the last, I believe the help from William and Jenifer will be beneficial. The presentation help has been great by showing more do’s and don’ts when making a power point. The tips for making a better power point have been enlightening. These morsels filled some gaps to help make my technology skills better. I learned the tabs on the screen have more uses; how to order and resize better; and confidence that I am able to form a decent power point. My best hopes are that I will have ample time to create my power point and the presentation will run smoothly.
I am overcoming my fears of inefficiency and plan to use these new skills to communicate better. The times will come when a power point presentation will require these improved skills to exhibit an idea or sequence of events before colleagues. Certainly that is the time to impress those who may question abilities. Understanding schools must meet budget requirements and standards to meet demands set by the state, school board, and the community, my hope is that school districts can balance needs for athletics and academics.
Even though, I am nowhere near where I’d like to be with my tech skills, this class has given new hope like an oasis in the desert. Expecting new discoveries from searches, both intended and accidental, I will explore technologies while seeking others’ opinions and wisdom. Implementing fresh ideas invigorates the stagnancy of those worn and weathered. However, there are those acquired skills rooted and ingrained that do give us stability. The common sense to know when to use the proper tool is a great life skill. Hoping to apply these skills prior to and when reaching the pinnacle in the future, I will be a better communicator.