Sunday, April 12, 2009

Overcoming Technology fears

When making a power point, my worst fears are that I won’t be able to find the needed icon or tab to click on at the appropriate time especially if I’m in a rush to make it or show it. While still learning many new options about the computer and that every version is better than the last, I believe the help from William and Jenifer will be beneficial. The presentation help has been great by showing more do’s and don’ts when making a power point. The tips for making a better power point have been enlightening. These morsels filled some gaps to help make my technology skills better. I learned the tabs on the screen have more uses; how to order and resize better; and confidence that I am able to form a decent power point. My best hopes are that I will have ample time to create my power point and the presentation will run smoothly.
I am overcoming my fears of inefficiency and plan to use these new skills to communicate better. The times will come when a power point presentation will require these improved skills to exhibit an idea or sequence of events before colleagues. Certainly that is the time to impress those who may question abilities. Understanding schools must meet budget requirements and standards to meet demands set by the state, school board, and the community, my hope is that school districts can balance needs for athletics and academics.
Even though, I am nowhere near where I’d like to be with my tech skills, this class has given new hope like an oasis in the desert. Expecting new discoveries from searches, both intended and accidental, I will explore technologies while seeking others’ opinions and wisdom. Implementing fresh ideas invigorates the stagnancy of those worn and weathered. However, there are those acquired skills rooted and ingrained that do give us stability. The common sense to know when to use the proper tool is a great life skill. Hoping to apply these skills prior to and when reaching the pinnacle in the future, I will be a better communicator.

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  1. Danny, When working with technology, you need to apply your use in manageable, bite sized pieces. And you need to practice. When I go make a presentation on or using technology in an area that I do not use the technology regularly, I do just what I'm telling you. I practice. By doing so you often discover the areas that could present you with greater difficulty.

    Perhaps start with creating a handout of steps that you can have close and also share with those who will use the technology with you. This provides a safety net for you and a tool for the students/participants to take away and use again themselves.