Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Use of Desktop Publishing and Movie Maker

How will I use these skills?

As one who is somewhat technologically illiterate, most any tip, technique or skill is like candy to a kid. I will probably be cautious in the uses and developments of some areas;. However the uses of movie maker and graphic design/ desktop publishing are attractive. I can see me using desktop publishing more than movie maker because I'm more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse. Desktop publishing will be great to make attractive announcements and advertisements.

How do they align with my vision and definition for educational technology?

Desktop publishing and movie maker can be employed in the promotion of upcoming events as a student talent show, school plays, fundraisers, beginning or end of school, student holidays, field trips, and promoting student successes. Exorcising movie maker and desktop publishing also promotes the school district as a leader in the technology field keeping up with the pace others have set and may follow.

Do I believe the use of technologies which incorporate the use of images is expanding?

A person may transfer a video by loading it into the computer and saving it in my videos the same as saving something in my documents. I found several videos about making/editing a movie from still pictures and home videos that had been loaded on the computer. Most of the videos had directio0ns that were detailed so that they could be followed. Some left out details probably due to assuming the listener already knew some information. I'm sure after playing with the tips/ tricks for making and editing, one could pick up enough information and follow the directions to make a video. The use of videos (online or on reel) is a great tool in the classroom to show students information in a different format. Desktop publishing and graphic design are great for making posters, fliers, and other forms of information to be publicized. This is a great improvement compared to just using the keyboard and mouse to type a document. Yes, these technologies incorporating images is definitely expanding.

What are implications for education?

The field is open with an opportunity fro anyone creative who wants to improve education and who has talents to influence others. As technology has grown in the past several years, education can only benefit as technology sprouts new shoots and tangents. Math and science will likely benefit quite a bit, due to so many undiscovered truths. Of course, there will be errors and miscalculations but we can learn from them as well.

What are some possibilites seen for utilizing the digital photostory 3?

As an administrator or teacher, the use of making a video to promote my view would be most beneficial. Using digital photos and a timeline, fading in and out, videos and background music help make a presentation better. What a dream and goal to set as an administrator who can manipulate technology for a great puropse.

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