Saturday, May 2, 2009


Blog 10

This course has been a good breather for me away from the other courses taken so far. The information learned gave confidence and a new desire to learn more information. Making a better, more useful power point was what fueled my desire for being a better communicator. Not that power points are used every day, but when making a presentation, a great power point really sells information. As a principal, power points may be one way of communicating. When making the power point for my portfolio, my younger son was helping me with some details. I wanted to include a video on the power point. My son told me, “Dad, you can’t do that. You’ll mess it up.” I told him we can try anyway. He was surprised when the two videos were successfully downloaded. It was a great moment to think I knew more than my son for a few moments.

I have changed as a person and educator by becoming more confident in a few skills I already had and learning several I didn’t have. Confidence was gained in becoming a better communicator and making a better power point. New skills learned were how to use excel, becoming a blogger, making a wiki, finding the del.ic.ious web site, learning where more backgrounds are for power point, and loading a youtube video on a power point.

One goal for next school year is to have a class blog for other teachers, students and parents to view for information about our class, school, district…. I will have to maintain it and answer questions, and since it is public, be careful about what is written so as not to be misrepresented.

This class has been great. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet each person enrolled and Dr. Mc.

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  1. Danny, Thanks for hanging in their this semester. You've learned much and demonstrated a willingness to learn and try more! I'm proud of you and look forward to your contacting me in the future with how your informating at your school using technology.